Pearl Care

Pearls are natural gems; organic products created by a living creature. As with all living things, they need a certain amount of care and to be treated with some measure of respect to maintain their beauty and lustre.

Pearls are comprised of a form of Calcium Carbonate- in a way similar to our own teeth. Now just as we wouldn’t allow certain things to happen to our teeth-such as repeated physical stress or allowing contact with harmful substances, it follows that you shouldn’t do this with Pearls.

Your Pearl jewellery will give you a lifetime of wear if you simply look after it with care and pay attention to a few details.

Do put on your Pearl pieces only after you have finished using any hairspray, deodorant, perfume and other alcohol or chemically based beauty products. The chemicals in these can literally eat away at the surface of the Pearl, robbing it of its natural shine and lustre.

Do take off your Pearls before you take a bath or shower, or start to use any cleansers for exactly the same reasons.

Do clean your Pearls occasionally using warm water and a very weak solution of detergent on a soft cloth, wiping them over to remove any build up which may cause damage in the long run if left. Take care not to get the silk thread wet as this can lead to stretching.

Do make sure your jeweller removes any pearls mounted in precious metals before starting any soldering or Ultrasonic cleaning process that may need to be carried out.

Do get your Pearls re-threaded every eighteen months to two years. This reduces greatly the risk of a necklace breaking as their silk stretches and will improve their appearance instantly.

Don’t get them too hot.

Leaving your Pearls too long in direct sunlight or exposing them to extreme temperatures will damage their surface and weaken them. For example don’t wear pearls whilst sunbathing, or leave them on a radiator.

Don’t let them come into contact with any kind of chemical-this cannot be stressed strongly enough.

Don’t play sports whilst wearing pearls.
Sports which cause a lot of perspiration are not recommended whilst wearing pearls as this brings toxins from the body out through the skin which maybe detrimental to the Pearl. One should never swim in them as chemicals that make it safe for you to swim can “kill” the lustre of your Pearls.

Don’t get them unduly wet.
This applies only to Pearl necklaces, as the silk on which they are threaded may weaken and stretch if it becomes water logged.

Don’t wear long necklaces when near any machinery with moving parts.

Simple common sense this one!
Given the right amount of care and attention, your Pearls should last and stay beautiful. They will age subtly over time, as do people, the colour tending to mellow to a more buttery tone, but looked after properly they should remain stunning essentials in your collection.